Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Survived 2nd night

Alexis and I survived our second night together. I really should be showering instead of blogging right now. We went and visited Heidi last night. Mom and daughter were happy to see each other.

It's been good bonding with Alexis. I've kind of kept my distance even though they live with us. I've not wanted Heidi to feel like I was going to take over her baby when they moved in here. So this time has been nice. But I think we're ready for mommy to come home now.

Off to try and sneak in that shower before Alexis wakes up again. I might add a picture of the two of them at the hospital, but we'll see how they came out and if there are any Heidi would approve of. :)

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Sheri Nash said...

Hi Bev, I saw your blog on Julee's, so does watching Alexis bring back memories? Up all night, crying etc. Some we would like to forget, but then we miss those times now too. Valor turned 13 this week!!