Saturday, February 28, 2009

1 hour?

Grandma to Jojo: They'll be home in about 4 hours.

Jojo: This movie is about 4 hours?

Grandma: No, this movie is about 1 hour.

A little later...

Jojo: Grandma, is 1 hour 4 times 4 hours?

Grandma: Yes, babe, it's 4 hours. They'll be home soon.

I Mist Yoo

Fum Jojo
Too Mome and Dade

Dyer Mome and Dade

I Mist Yoo

Just a little

Grandma setting up air mattress, getting ready to put sheets on.

Grandma: No jumping on the bed.

Everyone: Okay

Nathan: Okay...

Nathan, holding up two fingers: Grandma, we can jump a little bit?

Grandma: Haha, yeah, you can jump a little bit. corn?

Nathan enters kitchen, looks at Grandma...

Grandma: Are you hungry? I'm making tostadas for lunch, doesn't that sound good?

Nathan: Yes

Nathan leaves, returning momentarily. Nathan looks at Grandma.

Nathan: What about the corn?

Grandma: Corn, you want corn? Okay, I'll make corn.