Sunday, June 14, 2009

Unlock the door, Nathan

I'm on my way to bed, but I have to share my Nathan story.

I kept Julee's kids today so her and Tony could go have a special anniversary day. We had a good day, everyone played and it was pretty easy.

At one point Nathan got frustrated with Maury so I said I would turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as a distraction. He said that was boring, then something happened and I got distracted. Next thing I knew Nathan was in my room with the door closed. I went to check on him...but the door was locked. My request for him to unlock the door was continually met with a loud and firm no. I asked him what he was doing he said he was laying on my bed. I asked him over and over to unlock the door, again he continued to say no. I just kept laughing and trying different keys to unlock the door...with no luck.

Then of course, Julee calls. She asked how things were going. I said, "What, these little angels" and kept laughing and laughing as I tell her how Nathan is locked in my bedroom and won't come out. She wasn't surprised. I told her he'd be fine and maybe would just go to sleep on my bed since he hadn't had a nap. After we hung up, I decided to try to bribe him. I offered to turn on Handy Manny, he responded with no. Then I asked if he wanted a juice box and he said yes, jumped up, and promptly came and unlocked the door. He came out like nothing ever happened, as happy as could be, got his juice box then went to the living room. I started to turn on Handy Manny but he wanted to guessed it...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Go figure.

He cracked me up. I told him it was okay if he went and laid on my bed when he was mad or frustrated, but he can't lock the door. He said, Okay, Grandma.

We had a fun day.