Sunday, August 17, 2008

Post to begin posting

Okay, I would blog more if there was a button on my blog that said post new blog. Having to go to separately and then also remember which email I signed up under has been a bit of a roadblock into my blogging. That's one excuse anyway. :)

This is a "I've got to post on my blog post." Hopefully it will get me going again.


Cher said...

Ok, where is the next post? I need to update mine again too. It is so hard when I am down because I don't want to always post bummer stuff.
I dreamed about you and Jessica last night. It was a silly dream that made me smile when I woke up.
I so enjoyed our trip together. I have our pics on my digital frame at it is always on my mind!
Anyway, get to posting again!

Briana "Symmie" Simmons said...

You are a nut. You want an easy button? You can actually buy them at Staples.