Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Job hunting

Believe it or not, the job that Jesse interviewed for contacted him the other day. It is still open and they are still considering him. This interview was a long time ago. I can't believe it's still open. Well they are busier than ever and really need to fill the what's the hold up?

Well anyway, it gave me a ray of hope again. If anybody reads this post, feel free to join me in praying that Jesse gets this job. It would do me a world of good in many, many ways.


Cher said...

Cool Beans....I will be praying!

Briana "Symmie" Simmons said...

I will pray too! I hadn't realized this was still in the works. Almost asked about it when we were there but didn't want to bring it up if it hadn't gone through...with it being so long...well..

Anyways, pray pray pray!